About me

A little about my story…
I’m originally from a town in the UK called Stourbridge, I studied at the University of Sheffield and afterwards decided to take a Gap “Year” to Australia and Asia. I travelled for around 18 months before I arrived in Darwin and I instantly fell in love with the place! The lifestyle – the weather, the unspoilt natural beauty, the people, the atmosphere…  My “Gap Year” never ended… I left the UK in 2008…. I’m still living the life I love in Darwin!

Where Photography came in…

I’ve been lucky enough to have seen some absolutely spectacular parts of this country.  I decided to teach myself how to capture landscape photos to truly reflect my location. It was time to upgrade my “point and shoot” and I bought a Canon 450D. That’s where the practice (addiction!) began – many hours of exploring, shooting and learning.

I feel incredibly luck to be living in a place I love – it’s a photographer’s paradise. Ripper storms, serene waterfalls, arguably Australia’s best sunsets… birds, buffalo, crocs… gorges, billabongs and rainforest pockets.

My passion started with being so close to the beach… I think it’s nearly every English-person’s dream to live near the “seaside”, and I have truly made the most of living on the doorstep of some of the world’s best beaches. I shoot a “seascape” almost every day. I love being outdoors; seeing so much of it left me wanting more and I have now begun to explore the wider NT.

Photography has become who I am…

The gallery you see today is years of research, determination and practice. I am now a keen explorer and am not afraid to trek through the mudflats, scale a [small] cliff or climb a mountain pre-dawn. Photographing landscapes and nature has taught me to seek the best locations! I now have a collection displaying the vibrant colours, best landscapes and fascinating creatures all around us in the Top End.

It’s not just learning how to develop as a photographer – it’s connecting with the landscape, seeing and feeling the light, observing the behaviours of the new creatures I “discover”. There is always something new – I can revisit the same locations over and over, but it’s different every time.

There’s time to think, observe and enjoy the silence (although the bush is never silent). You can really appreciate how fascinating planet Earth is and how nature all fits together perfectly.

What’s next?

There’s always more to see, always more to explore! I need to re-travel the country, with camera in hand to capture some awesome Australian landscape photography!

You can keep up to date with my adventures (trips around the Top End, to start with), my new photography releases, specials and photography tips and tutorials by following my blog


My photography gear… (Unfortunately my wish-list seems to be growing quicker!)

Canon 5D Mark III

My landscape lens is a Canon 17-40mm f4L.

My birding lens is a Canon 300mm F4 L Series, for which I have a 1.4x converter. I love this lens, and it’s great to carry around as it’s not too heavy.

For the in-between stuff, I have a 70-200mm F2.8 L IS lens

I also use a 50mm F1.8, the “nifty fifty”. For this I also have a reversing ring and some macro extension tubes, for macro work. I also use it for stitching panoramas.

I use Lee Graduated Neutral Density Filters, a Lee Polariser, and a Manfrotto tripod.

I also have a remote shutter (which I could not live without!) and an AEO lightning trigger.

That’s about it.

Now, if I were to list what I would like to add to my gear…. We would be here until next week. So I’ll stop here!



Thanks so much for taking the time to check out my website and images. I hope you enjoy them as much as I love taking them.

If you have any questions or just want a chat, please get in touch! You can reach me via the contact page.


Lou :-)

Louise Denton Photography – Darwin Landscape Photographer, Northern Territory, Australia