Kakadu National Park Intro

I’m always looking for places to go in the Top End region, new places to explore and photograph. I was recently looking for some information on Maguk (or Barramundi Gorge) in Kakadu National Park and although could find the basics from the Parks Australia website – – I found it difficult to find “real life” experiences on exploring and the location. When I say “real life” experiences, I mean blogs from travelers of where to go, when is best to go, different routes and walks, experiences on what people saw, what was great, where to look for certain things, etc etc. There’s actually not much in depth, local information in a “kakadu blog” google search. What does show up are mainly short excerpts from…

Edith Falls – the final day of the Jatbula Trail

We ended our 6 day walk with the final 5km down from Sweetwater Pools to Edith Falls. Edith Falls was a welcome site at the end of the walk – it’s probably one of my favourite swimming/relaxing spots in the Top End! It also has great hot showers and flushing toilets, and this year the kiosk is back to so we treated ourselves to a burger! The campground can get pretty busy in the tourist season so we booked our spot for the night as soon as we there around lunch time. We then had to drive our car from Edith back to Katherine to pick up the second car…. Then drive both cars back to Edith where we planned to spend the night relaxing….

Jatbula Trail – Part 3

Day 4 was the big day on the Jatbula trail – 17km. The walk was broken up in to two chunks, 12km and 5km with a stop at Edith River crossing after the first 12km. We got through the first 12km a supersonic speed and arrived at Edith River crossing when we thought we still had 3km to go. A lovely shady spot for lunch with a chance for a cool off! The first 12km on this day was an easy walk – flat and good terrain. The remaining 5km proved to be a little trickier as we descended a little in to more uneven ground and lots of thick grasses to battle through. There were moments when we found it difficult to see where…

Jatbula Trail – Part 2

Day 2 was a longer day than the first, travelling across the top of the escarpment. This day ended at Crystal Falls as the campground, although we actually didn’t see any “falls” until the walk the following morning. This beautiful creek was our home for the night, with our tent pitched right next to the croc-free water!   (An unusual cloudy sunset in the dry season – nice to be treated to a bit of sky colour!) You might be able to see the white spec in the photo on the other side of the creek – that’s the arrow marking the route of the Jatbula trail… we had to cross this creek! My partner and I did a bag-less practice at rock hopping over…

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