About Darwin Photo Tours


Due to a backlog of photography lesson gift cards, and commitments with other areas of my business, I have had to reduce the number of photography lessons I can undertake. Participants with current gift cards will be given a priority. Please understand that I get several requests a day and there is only one of me!


Would you like to learn more about your camera? Would you like to improve your landscape photography?

Louise’s sunset photography sessions can help you take your photography to the next level! My workshop-style outings aim to get you off “automatic” modes, learn about the settings and how to apply the camera to different shooting situations.

My short photo-walks last for two to three hours – the perfect amount of time to learn a few things and put them in to practice! The basic themes I cover are:

  • Composition techniques
  • Exposure Basics
  • Getting to know your camera
  • Using long exposures
  • Beginner’s guide to using natural light
  • … And of course, anything else you want to learn about!


 Why should I come along?

  • Learn to understand the camera
  • Learn how these settings can be applied to your photos to improve your end results!
  • An opportunity to ask all the questions you want!
  • Discover new locations – whether you’re a local or a visitor, I’ll try and show you different locations in a way you haven’t considered before
  • Another opportunity to use the camera – a perfect time to practice!
  • Enjoy the great Top End outdoors!


What do I need to bring?

You don’t need anything fancy to come along for my workshops. You can come along with a “point and shoot” if you want!
You will get most out of the workshop if you have a camera that has manual capabilities. (Sorry, no iPhones!)

                     What else do you need?

  • A camera (DSLR desirable but not essential)
  • A tripod (I have one I can lend you, if you don’t have your own)
  • The lens you like to use for landscape photography (18-55mm, 10-20mm, 24-105mm or something similar)
  • A smile, an open mind and a little bit of creativity!


That’s all you need!

If you have the following items, you could also bring these:

  • A telephoto or zoom lens
  • Filters (eg a polariser, graduated neutral density filters)
  • A remote shutter release


Everyone is welcome, from the complete beginner with a brand new (scary) camera to the intermediate photographer looking for some extra inspiration in the local area.

Check out the Darwin Photo Tour FAQs page for further information.